Trust God

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Trust God!
Micah 5:2
I. “Too little to be among the clans….” Verse 2.
A. When you are too little….
B. When you are overlooked….
Life Lesson: God values the small and insignificant.
Life Principle: Trust God!
II. “From you shall come forth….” verse 2.
A. Bread of Life.
B. Ruler.
C. Shepherd.
Life Lesson: God provides for the needs of His people.
Life Principle: Trust God!
III. “And they shall dwell secure….” verse 4.
A. When conflict rages….
B. When God is silent….
Life Lesson: God brings peace out of conflict for His people.
Life Principle: Trust God!
“12-8-19”. Released: 2019.