The Discipline of God

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The Discipline of God
Hebrews 12:4-6
I. God disciplines with loving purpose, verses 4-6.
A. Redemptive, not punitive.
B. Corrective, not destructive
C. Instructive, not insulting.
II. The dangers of God’s discipline, verse 5.
A. Some people do not take it seriously.
B. Some people give up.
III. God’s discipline speaks well of you, verses 6-8.
A. Discipline proves that God loves you, verse 6.
B. Discipline proves that you are God’s child, verses 7-8.
IV. The benefits of God’s discipline, verses 9-11.
A. Life, verse 9.
B. Holiness, verse 10.
C. Righteousness, verse 11.