Jesus, Our Mediator

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Jesus, Our Mediator
Hebrews 8:1-2

I. Note Who is our mediator, verse 1.
A. Jesus is our King!
1. As King, Jesus reigns supreme!
2. As King, Jesus rules with power!
B. Jesus is our Priest!
1. As Priest, Jesus reconciles us to God!
2. As Priest, Jesus represents us before God!
II. Note What our mediator does, verse 2.
“…a minister in the holy places….”
The word “minister” denotes the activity of the priest.
A. In Old Testament times, the priest had 3 functions:
See Malachi 2:5-7
1. Intercessor.
2. Example.
3. Instructor.
B. In the New Testament, Jesus now serves as our Priest.
1. Jesus intercedes for you today, Romans 8:34.
2. Jesus is your example to follow, 1Peter 2:21.
3. Jesus is your instructor, John 14:26.

Come to Jesus! He can make you right with God.